About us

Our aim is simple, to propel you towards achieving your highest self. We bring forth life enhancing supplements coupling real function with flavour, ancient wisdom with science and tradition. We are dedicated to elevating all aspects of life through the use of medicinal plants, adaptogens and tonic herbs. We do not compromise with our quality, potency and sourcing. Alcami Elements products are consumed with intention to awaken health and transformation.

About owner, founder and formulator, Derik Singh

Derik was raised close to Montreal and had developed a love for tonic herbs, mushrooms, all things nature and life. Derik founded Alcami Elements in early of 2016. Starting from an early age, his desire to enhance his own health and awareness is what lead to his own discovery with tonic herbs. His passion for awakening health, consciousness and potential developed into a deeper vocation to help everyone around him achieve their highest self. It's from this core intention that Derik created Alcami Elements, a company with a bold mission to empower the lives of all through the use of mother nature's most powerful substances.

Today, we strive to bring forth the highest quality life enhancing products nature has to offer. Our vision is to be that mycelial network which is what connects us all, unifying our global family with health, happiness and purpose for all.

If you have any queries about our products or would like to check availability, please use the CONTACT US to get in touch.

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